Yuki Hana – Doral, FL

The sushi bar at Yuki HanaRating: ★★½☆☆
Yuki Hana
1450 NW 87th Ave
Doral, FL 33172

Yuki Hana is one of those places that looks so intriguing from the parking lot. They advertise Japanese/Korean food and the place looks small and cozy compared to the much larger Umami restaurant right around the corner.

We don’t recommend coming here for the sushi, however. Let’s face it, Doral is chocked full of terrific sushi bars and Japanese restaurants and this one is just average. The Korean food may stand up better to close inspection, we’ll have to leave that to people more knowledgeable in that area.

Salmon nigirizushiNigirizushi here wasn’t bad, it just missed an opportunity to impress. Right proprtion of rice to topping – check. Wasabi under the seafood toppings – check. Seafood cut correctly – check. But the standard inexpensive stuff like ebi and tamago are the frozen wholesale variety. The tuna and hamachi were mediocre at best.

What we really noticed was the rice. The sushi rice was devoid of any flavor whatsoever. In fact the Korean rice that comes with entrees from the Korean menu also tasted surprisingly bland. Not saying the rice needs to be the main attraction, but a great sushi chef knows how critical the rice is to great sushi.

Almost every roll on the menu has a combination of cream cheese and heavy sauces, so we chose carefully. Their futomaki, shown here, is recommended. It’s nice.

Sushi rolls: futomaki and imperial rollOne issue with their rolls however. Many rolls are offered in 5 pieces at inexpensive prices. But when serving only 5 pieces of roll, more care must be taken to make good end pieces. 40% of each roll was sub-par end pieces. A bit more attention to detail here would really pay off for the customers.

As mentioned earlier, our brief foray into their Korean menu yielded mixed results too. Their gyoza are nice crispy, Korean-style dumplings that were spot on. A spicy tofu dish was less impressive, with broken up tofu that suggested the same kind of carelessness which plagues the sushi rolls. The taste of it was just okay, and the accompanying rice was exactly dull.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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