Yakitori Sake House – Boca Raton, FL

sushi chefsRating: ★★★★☆Yakitori Sake House
271 SE Mizner Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 544-0087

This weekend we got a chance to try the Yakitori Sake House, in the same Palm Plaza location where our former favorite sushi bar in the entire state, Daimatsu, was located.

Before going, I checked out their website and it was not impressive. A flash site with all the menus items posted (without pricing info) but not enough contrast between font colors and background to make it easy to read. So the whole menu is posted in some small scrolling box in the middle but requires too much effort to read it.

yakitori pics

Yakitori, the food, is hard to find in South Florida. There is a yakitori place in Wellington, but this one has a much better selection. Not that I could tell from their online menus.

They offer a full menu of yakitori choices including scallop wrapped in bacon, pork belly, unagi, kalbi, beef & scallions, sea bass, alligator, lamb, calimari, various veggies and more. They also have the classics – chicken, liver, etc.

specialty rolls

Can you guess which roll is the Red Dragon Roll? (front)

The former tenant was probably the best sushi chef in Florida, a third generation itamae from Tokyo who was fanatical. So I’m glad to see a place open here that offers something a bit different. A run-of-the-mill Thai/Sushi place here would be disastrous!

The ambiance is great too. They’ve constructed a nice outdoor dining area that’s under a canopy, perfect for a nice evening meal. The inside’s nicely remodeled as well. This place got a major facelift and it makes a huge difference – kudos to all involved!

Boat for MeGetting back to the food, the yakitori selection is good, most of it tasted great too. My main suggestion would be that the yakitori should always come with rice. You can always order a bowl like I did, but I shouldn’t have to.

Yakitori favorites at our table were the Kalbi and the beef with scallions. Non-traditional choices to be sure, but they tasted good anyway. The alligator was greasy and overcooked, but we knew it wasn’t going to be special before we ordered this novelty. Our scallop wrapped in bacon was good, but the bacon was slightly undercooked, resulting in too much fattiness.

The wait staff seems great as well. We interacted with two of the wait staff, and the manager and all were friendly, knowledgeable and quick to ask if we needed anything.

The sushi is nothing special here from what we could see. We tried a boat and a specialty rolls from the menu. Not bad at all, in fact the quality was much better than the Yokohama Sushi joint around the corner. But you really should try the yakitori when you come here.

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