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A friend of ours recently remarked that she had tasted fresh wasabi for the first time. She had not known that there was any difference, wasabi is wasabi right?

Well of course, that’s not true. But if you live in a place where there are no sushibars willing to buy wasabi from one of the few places on the planet producing it, then for you it really is all the same. That’s because 99% of the sushi restaurants out there buy bags of “wasabi powder” and simply mix with water until it’s the thickness they want. The catch? It’s not actually wasabi, it’s a type of horseradish!

Real wasabi is notoriously hard to grow. Historically only grown along the cool riverbeds in Japan, it’s been successfully produced in the US in recent years. But the scarcity means relatively high prices for those wanting to use it in their sushi bar. Wasabi is also notoriously perishable. It degrades rapidly so must cannot be prepared in advance.

We’ve been to places that offer it for an extra dollar, and some that serve it by default, though they tend to charge a bit more for the meal to compensate. So if you get an opportunity to enjoy some fresh wasabi, by all means seize the chance. Do not mix it into your soy sauce! Soy sauce only speeds up the decomposition of the wasabi – just apply it to your seafood to taste and enjoy!

Click here to read more about wasabi, including the history of wasabi, more tips on eating wasabi and more. In future, look for us to address the toipic of health benefits of wasabi!

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  • Michel says:

    There is 100% Pure Wasabi Powder out there and it does not cost substantially more than the “faux” wasabi. This is not perishable, is free flow, can be stored in the fridge or freezer for up to 2 years and tastes like the fresh product. Over the years the general public has been subjected to this “faux” wasabi, but now there are non-japanese growers that have been growing pure wasabi for decades, look on the package for the ingredients. The true wasabi only has one ingredient on the label – it should read Wasabia japonica. In Japan, true wasabi is called Namida – another name to look for.

    True wasabi can be found at World Wasabi. They have been growing, processing and marketing products around the world for nearly 20 years now.

  • Pacific Coast Wasabi is North America’s only grower of high-quality (sawa) Wasabi. Please go to our website to learn more about this amazing plant. You can order fresh Wasabi directly from us.

  • mdw says:

    Thanks for the info Brian and Michel. Yes Brian I was aware that folks had successfully started growing wasabi in the USA, but it’s good to mention because it was elusive for a long time.

    Michel I haven’t YET tried your product, but it certainly sounds interesting. Of course it is perishable, but being freeze-dried and vacuum packed I believe you that it could keep well for years in a freezer.


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