Top Ten South FL sushi bars for 2010

Sushi Pro Top Ten ListHere’s how Sushi Pro scored it this year in South FL. We hear a lot of kvetching about how Florida doesn’t have good sushi, but it just ain’t so. There are enough good sushi joints to do a top twenty list, perhaps next year we will.

10. Asahi in South Miami – the seafood is super fresh here, and food is always tasty. Nigiri prices are good too, eat here with confidence. read Akashi review

9. Koume in Plantation – this seldom recognized hidden gem of Plantation has really great sushi and a terrific assortment of Japanese fare. read Koume review

8. Sozo Sushi in Wilton Manors – most creative menu winner! These guys have a tiny store with only 2 tables inside, and need a small menu. But they have packed a great lineup of sushi offerings into that menu – a must try! read Sozo Sushi review

7. Sushi Joe in Doral – another hidden gem, nestled in the quiet Western ‘burbs of Doral. “Joe” makes terrific sushi, and their Japanese menu is superb! read Sushi Joe review

6. Marumi in Plantation – this is a must-try izakaya. The two partners who run the place are masters, and apparently fanatical about food quality. Ever ehar of someone who went there and didn’t like it? ‘Nuff said. Allowing customers to select a fish and tell the chef how they want it prepared is what separates these guys from the pack. read Marumi review

5. Doraku in South Beach – this is the least traditional sushi bar on the list. But then again it’s South Beach, what do you expect? Lots of rolls that don’t sound viable, but turn out to work very well. Get ready to be surprised in a great way!

4. Katana in North Miami Beach- this is the absolute best value for your sushi money! Limited variety of sushi offered, but extremely fresh, and very cheap! Always stay on budget without compromising quality here.

3. Daimatsu in Boca Raton – The owner/ sushi chef here is a fanatic. He’s a third generation trained itamae from Tokyo, where he was certified by the Mayor of Tokyo. He is so strict that no cream cheese is allowed in his restaurant. No kani stick allowed either, only real crab is used. And nobody else works behind the counter no matter how busy the place gets. He always has a surprise seasonal food item he found too. He makes most of his kitchen foods from scratch including desserts.

2. Matsuri in Coral Gables – these guys don’t have to do anything different to stand out from the crowd. They are the standard for South Florida. The Sushi Chefs that have emerged from their kitchen over the years really tell the tale. Nobu is the place local chefs want on their resume, but this place has a better track record! And they’re consistently good. For years! read Matsuri review

1. Maido – this place in Doral is gonna knock your socks off. Run by a pair of great sushi chefs, this restaurant can turn out first rate sushi and kitchen food consistently. Let’s face it, this is a drive from almost anywhere, but if you want to try a terrific Japanese restaurant it’s absolutely worth the trip from any distance! read Maido review

There you have it, out top ten sushi restaurants in South Florida for 2010. What? Of course you don’t agree. Feel free to tell me why your fave ought to be raked higher, or why it deserves to make the list.

Rankings are arbitrary, no prizes awarded, and author could care less what you think of the list. Go figure.

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