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OK I know it’s not really an American tradition to eat sushi on Thanksgiving. But for all those sushi lovers – you’re probably going to get tired of eating turkey sandwiches at some point right? Well what better to do with your leftovers than make some nice sushi rolls!

Here’s a recipe from Lil Sugar that I like because the rolls look good in the picture, and because every ingredient in the list starts with the word “leftover” – that’s what this is all about right?

But no thanksgiving sushi post would be complete without mention of the authoritative reference on Thanksgiving sushi rolls from Sushi Day. She goes through a litany of combinations and experiments — some with better outcomes than others, and details it all.

So you really can know what works and what’s risky without having to suffer the educational heartburn. You probably already had enough of that from your original Thanksgiving meal!

And for coverage of the basic techniques needed to create your own gobbler roll, check out this post on squidoo. It’s a step-by-step guide to making your very own black friday roll.

Anyway, now you know what to do instead of fighting the crowds at the shopping mall. Stay at home and re-purpose that holiday feast in a creative way that’ll delight even the most die-hard turkey eaters.

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