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Sushi Class

We recently had the great pleasure of attending a sushi class. This class is offered every month by Chef George Catering in Davie, FL. It’s a basic class, but there’s plenty of fun to be had learning and eating sushi with new friends. Chef George Catering operates out of a commercial kitchen in Davie, and […]

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Making Sushi at Home, part 4: sushi rice

You may recall us mentioning that the rice is the most important ingredient; the heart and soul of the sushi. Preparing the sushi rice well is critical to the outcome. Apprentices used to spend the first couple of years mastering the techniques of sushi rice preparation, but you should be able to produce good sushi […]

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Making Sushi at Home, part 3: equipment

Almost ready to start making delicious sushi rolls, but first a few words about the equipment you’ll need. As with preparing all great foods, making great sushi requires using the proper equipment. The sushi knife is the most cherished possession of the itamai (sushi chef) and likely the most expensive as well. Don’t worry though, […]

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