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South Florida Sushi “best of” Awards for 2011

Here is our totally subjective list of standout sushi items in South Florida for the past year. Being highly subjective means you won’t find any tempura cream cheese rolls on this list. It should be noted that there are sushi-boatloads of worthy runner-ups we’re dying to mention. But to start listing them too would defeat […]

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Top Ten Sushi Meals of 2011

My top ten meals in sushi bars in 2011 – seems like a suitable way to remind myself how fortunate I’ve been. Not quite the list I would have guessed at the beginning of 2011 either. The one here that took place in January, the dinner at Honmono Sushi in Thonglor, was a very strange […]

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Moriwase at Maido

We’re going back to the scene of a great omakase dinner last year. Despite a torrential downpour, and tornado watches, we met at Maido Japanese Restaurant in Doral, FL. People cancelled due to the weather, others were late, as traffic was miserable, and yet we had a terrific time. This time we’ve scheduled great weather, […]

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