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Ikizukuri – cruelty or important custom?

A commenter on a previous post called me out for defending ikizukuri, calling it “cruel”, but I think it’s complicated and full of logical pitfalls. I don’t want to belittle the widely held opinion that he articulated. Nor do I want to fail to explain why I think otherwise. The commenter is certainly not the […]

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Omakase with Hideki Yoshimoto

I’m going to tell you about an adventure I had. At the Miami Beach Doraku Sushi we had a wonderful dinner prepared by their executive chef, Master Hideki Yoshimoto. You might remember Hide from our earlier Sushi Masters interview. Hide lives in Hawaii and works for Doraku. But he comes to Miami Beach from time […]

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Lobster Ikizukuri

I recently had the chance to eat live lobster sashimi, and it was quite an experience! Ikizukuri is a Japanese technique that involves serving sashimi from a fish that’s fileted while leaving it’s heart still beating, it’s internal organs still intact. This sounds strange to Westerners, because we tend to distance ourselves from our food […]

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