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Sushi Class

We recently had the great pleasure of attending a sushi class. This class is offered every month by Chef George Catering in Davie, FL. It’s a basic class, but there’s plenty of fun to be had learning and eating sushi with new friends. Chef George Catering operates out of a commercial kitchen in Davie, and […]

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Sushi Pizza Theory – the Crust

Crust is the foundation of pizza. It starts with making dough from carefully selected glutenous flour. The dough is proofed, stretched out and baked with toppings. It’s the substrate for the real flavor stars on top. It’s also the firmest texture, assuming you didn’t burn some toppings. For sushi anything, sushi rice is the starch, […]

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Modern Sushi Pizza – the Cheese

Obviously only a lunatic or genius would put cheese on here. Great cheese on pizzas is soft and gooey in texture and lends a saltiness to the taste. Let me caution those of you spicy tuna roll fans not to take the gambit and try this with spicy mayo! Gooey is not the same as […]

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