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Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant, Orlando FL

Rating: 8255 International Drive, Suite 136 Orlando, FL 32819 407-363-7200 Let me tell you a little story about a place I found called Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant. Owner and Sushi Chef Toshi Kishimoto runs this terrific and authentic Japanese restaurant located right in a main tourist area of Orlando, Florida. It’s a little hard to […]

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South Florida Sushi “best of” Awards for 2011

Here is our totally subjective list of standout sushi items in South Florida for the past year. Being highly subjective means you won’t find any tempura cream cheese rolls on this list. It should be noted that there are sushi-boatloads of worthy runner-ups we’re dying to mention. But to start listing them too would defeat […]

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Omakase at NAOE

What a great little place we ate at last week in Sunny Isles. It’s NAOE, and it features a master itamae named Kevin Cory. After you finish the amazing bento presented by Chef Kevin Cory, you can eat sushi until you’ve had enough. But none of those lame and saucy sushi rolls you get at […]

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