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Casson Trenor – Sustainable Sushi Superhero, part 1

Casson Trenor is the author of Sustainable Seafood, A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time which has become the bible for conscientious sushi lovers. Read this interview, then immediately buy his book — we promise you’ll learn a lot! Casson is also the Senior Markets Campaigner for Greenpeace USA, and has […]

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Bluefin Parkland

Rating: Bluefin Sushi Parkland 6694 Parkside Drive Parkland, FL 33067 954-755-0120 We’ve recently been trying the sushi in a neighborhood sushibar called Bluefin Sushi, in Parkland Florida. Is it worth a drive to try? The seafood is going to be fresh here when you visit. Chef Yozo is very careful about the seafood they […]

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Sustainable Sushi – What’s the problem?

We all want future generations to live on an earth like we have, with ocean ecosystems similar to what we enjoy. Some of the current fishing and fish farming operations are depleting fish stocks to dangerously low levels, destroying habitat on a massive scale and polluting the oceans. Changing behaviors is the key to ensuring […]

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