Sushi Tweetup – Maido Japanese Restaurant

Yes it’s high time we had another Sushi tweetup. This time we’ll visit Maido Japanese Restaurant in Doral. In case you didn’t read our sushi bar review for this place, it is one terrific choice for a get-together.

Both the partners/owners are skilled chefs, and one runs the kitchen while the other runs the sushi bar. So order whatever you want, it’s all good! And they both come from the same area in Japan, so even though they learned their craft here in the US, they bring preferences and styles from Kansai to their restaurant. And they have that izakaya factor going for them; so if you want to order the special of the day, just check the whiteboards hanging on the wall for various specials.

For those who don’t know the area, there are enough Japanese people living and working around Doral to allow them to keep lots of Japanese dishes on the menu. Many Americans will simply come in and order dragon rolls, but the Japanese patrons allow them to keep some terrific hot dishes on the menu and to serve seasonally available items.

Chef Genya has assembled a special menu for us Tuesday, which will include:

  • Agedashi Tofu – the classic fried tofu dish
  • Fancy Daikon Salad – this will surprise you
  • Battera – pressed sushi, hard to find around here
  • Tuna Yukke – you do like tuna right?
  • Tonkotsu Ramen – so delicious
  • Maido Madness Roll – are they crazy?
  • more sushi

More info can be found on and our local Sushi And… meetup group page.

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