Valentine’s Sushi Dinner at Asaka

group of sushi loversWe had a terrific Valentine’s Day Sushi dinner at Asaka Japanese Restaurant in Aventura, FL to celebrate our love of sushi.

Our small group of sushi lovers convened at this Aventura sushi mecca for a special sushi dinner, and it was a super sushi dinner. We had a great little group of folks who shared some laughs, drank some sake and enjoyed the sushi creation of Chef Ando. We enjoyed our meal with Karatampa sake which was delightful.

We started with appetizers. Yours truly had the udon; thick white noodles in a tasty broth. One person ordered the soba salad, a cold buckwheat noodle dish that looked pretty appealing. A few people ordered the beef yukke, a dish made by mixing chopped raw steak in a spicy sauce. Asaka’s version, shown here, was tasty indeed. Not too spicy, and a nice large portion to boot.

appetizers and sushi at Asaka

Of the other appetizers people ordered, the skewered scallops and shrimp looked terrific, and got high marks for the perfectly cooked and juicy scallops. Other appetizers included shrimps, cold soba noodles, and chicken yakitori.

We had some wonderful sushi plates after that. We were served nigiri including maguro, hamachi, tamago and marvellous tasting fresh hotate served with a yuzu pepper topping. Snow crab gunkan sushi rounded out the individual pieces, which were accompanied by slices of rolls: futomaki, tropical roll, and california roll.

sushi chefs at Asaka

We each got to choose a temaki, and most chose toro and scallions. We chose negi hamachi, and saw others order eel and cucumber and spicy tuna. Our hamachi and scallion handroll was particularly good.

We really appreciated the nigiri, which were expertly made. The sushi rice was really soft and well seasoned, and formed into bite sized units which were just right!

All in all it was a wonderful way to celebrate sushi love, in one of our favorite places to eat sushi. Chef Koji Ando did a great job, and everyone seemed to be in great spirits after our meal. Can’t wait to return to Asaka Sushi in Aventura for more great sushi!

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