SUSHISAMBA nationwide tweetup


Sushi.PRO is proud to be a partner for the upcoming SUSHISAMBA meet&TWEET!

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Las Vegas:

This first-ever, nationwide tweetup will take place on Jan 20th in SUSHISAMBA locations in New York, Miami Beach, Chicago and Las Vegas. This sushi tweetup will be the largest ever held, and the first simultaneous multi-city tweetup.

Special meet&TWEET Menu

TwitteROLL : Tuna, Avocado, Jalapeno & Fresh Tomato Salsita in Rice Paper $8

Salt and Pepper Squid $4
Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll $4
Salmon Avocado Roll $4
Chilled Mediterranean Mussels on the half shell $4
Japanese Chicken Wings $5
Mini Yellowtail Seviche $5
Crispy Yellowtail Taquitos $5 each
Rock Shrimp Tempura $6
California Roll $6
Lobster Taquitos $6
Roasted Peruvian Scallops on the half shell $6

Caipirinhas and Mojitos just $5

The Story

The idea came to us after seeing some sushi tweetups being held and not getting much traction. SUSHISAMBA is a favorite around here, and has several locations nationwide, so it seemed like a perfect venue to pull this off. Sushi.PRO reached out to sushi organizers in various cities and assembled a core team, then approached SUSHISAMBA with the idea.

What happened next? SUSHISAMBA team immediately recognized the opportunity, once again proving they’re the innovators to watch! SUSHISAMBA team has worked diligently since then, along with the core team of sushi tweetup organizers to plan a landmark event that won’t soon be forgotten! The details will be unveiled in the coming days…. stay tuned!

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