Sushi Joe

a la cartePlace: Sushi Joe in Doral, FL
Date: May 25th
Time: 7:00pm
Phone: 305-591-4312
Dress Code: hungry

What, more questions?

Come discover Doral’s best kept secret – Sushi Joe Sushibar! Find out what great specials we’ve cooked up with Shusei-san, the owner (you can just call him señor Joe)

This is a small place and we must limit it to 20 people. RSVP here:

Special Tweetup Sampler – $12
Langosta Joe Roll (2 pieces) – tempura lobster, scallion, crab salad, lettuce, tobiko
Sashimi Appetizer
Dragon Roll (2 pieces) – eel, asparagus, krab salad, scallions, lettuce, masago, avocado on top
Rainbow Roll (2 pieces)
JB Roll (2 pieces)

Saké Sampler – $3
Karatamba – dry, sweet honjozo junmai
Hatsumago – junmai ginjo
Ozaeki nigorizake

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