Moriwase at Maido

Wow I love doing these! We met at Maido Japanese Restaurant in Doral, FL for a fresh menu dinner from Genya-san and Hiroshi-san. These guys have never disappointed the SushiPRO gang — they’re like money in the bank!

And in case you were wondering, yes, we had a terrific special meal at Maido a year ago. You can see the great meal then and compare for yourself!

We gathered at dinnertime, just me and 13 of my closest sushi lovin’ friends for our feast. And feast we did. These guys at Maido seemed determined to top their previous efforts, which were already awesome!

We started out with beef tataki; quick seared in a spicy vinegar sauce and served in romaine lettuce leafs. Already I could tell this was going to go very well.

Next came ebi wasabi. Nice plump shrimps sauteed and served with a wasabi cream sauce that was really tasty. This one was a huge hit with the sushi lovers here!

Then came the takoyaki, that Kansai dish that is so addictive. These were classic Kansai style octopus fritters, made with a bit of red ginger and topped with the usual homemade takoyaki sauce and ao nori. They were fried to perfection too; light and fluffy. No dried out, overcooked takoyakis here, these were magnificent. And there was plenty of sauce for us to enjoy as well.

Next up was perhaps my favorite – agedashi tofu and mochi. The tofu had that delicate golden crust that I love so, barely containing the molten tofu inside. And of course, pieces of mochi add a terrific contrast. Did I mention how I always love food with mochi?

Yakimono was up next, for those not content with the tofu paradise which preceded it. This was a miso marinated pork filet steak with small pieces of pineapple. That light bit of citrus made the dish work well.

Sashimi time! Hiroshi-san was ready for us, and sent out plates of super fresh and beautiful sashimi — tuna, salmon and hamachi. All wonderful!

He also surprised us with spanish mackerel sashimi, in a weird and wonderful monkfish liver sauce. We found ourselves repeat dipping just to get more of that great sauce!

Sushi came next, in case anyone needed more food. We sampled rainbow rolls, dragon rolls and the infamous Maido Maki. This one was pretty good, featuring tamago, kani stick, wakame, shitake,

Now these guys know us pretty well by now. So they know how we adore fresh uni, and they got a fresh batch of California gold uni for us to ravage. Um, I think you can guess what happened next…

The first thing that occurs to me upon relection about this meal is gratitude. Fact is, you’d be hard pressed to find a meal of this caliber in most places in this country. And if you did, you would almost certainly pay more, and still probably not get the great meal that we did. Maido, you WOW’ed us again!

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