Koume Japanese Restaurant, Plantation

Hungry Sushi LoversThis terrific sushi tweetup was held on Oct 26th for a hungry crowd of sushi enthusiasts at the Koume Japanese Restaurant in Plantation FL.

Those of you who read the reviews we post already know that we love the food at Koume Japanese Restaurant. Master Chef Toshi-san is a fanatic when it comes to ensuring that only great food gets served. And great tasting food did indeed get served to us fortunate foodies at this event.

HUGE sushi boat filled with a lot of great stuffWe assembled at 7pm and proceeded to enjoy a “fixed menu” dinner that was delicious! Actually two people were very late, because it turns out that @EdibleGuru and a friend drove all the way from Naples to attend. Luckily they didn’t miss any of the main treats!

Our waitress was Michiko and did a terrific job despite yours truly moving from seat to seat. The highlight of the feast was evident when Toshi produced some HUGE sushi boats, packed with various kinds of sushi. Hard to tell from photos, but trust me, these aircraft carrier sized sushi boats took up an entire table each! Reminded me of when Fred Flintstone ordered the brontosaurus ribs at the drive-in. Yabba dabba do :)

Killer plates of sashimi that were soooo good!These plates of sashimi came out with the sushi boats and were really impressive. I love the treatment of the ika (squid) and I’m always happy when sashimi comes with shiso leaf. How can you go wrong with shiso?

The tako (octopus) was cut just a bit on the thick side, but the melt-in-your-mouth hamachi more than made up for it. Tamago was tasty too, I made to get one of those. All of it was delicious.

Our Menu

kaki - fried oysters

  • Tuna Wanton (tuna nachos?)
  • Salmon Ceviche (Japanese style ceviche – Scottish Salmon with special sauce)
  • Chikuwa Tempura (Tuna Salad with sepecial hawaiian salt)
  • Hawaiian Poke (Crunchy Harusame with spicy souce)
  • Harusame Salad (Deep fry with Special Japanese fish cake)
  • Toshi Roll
  • Koume Roll (tuna, salmon and yellowtail inside, fish roe on top)
  • Bill Roll (tuna with garlic sauce inside, fresh tuna & salmon on top)
  • Holly Roll (shrimp tempura, asparagus & crunchy freak inside, avocado & dynamite on top)
  • Quinee Roll (tuna w/garlic sauce & cream cheese, avocado on top)
  • Ajo Roll (garlic & Crab with Mayo & extra crunchy freak inside, sesame on top)
  • Fresh Sashimi Combination

chikuwa tempura - tuna with Hawaiian seasoningThis was my favorite appetizer, the so-called Chikuwa Tempura. It’s diced tuna with some mysterious Hawaiian flavors. It was really seasoned just right, but not overpowering. I could eat this all day.

I was slightly less enthused with the salmon ceviche, as I found myself craving more sourness to really kick up the dish in the way I’m used to. Perhaps I’m just eating too much Thai food lately, and building up a tolerance for lime juice? Our harusame salad was nice too. Crispy but still had flavor. Seems like it’s difficult to get both.

We also had a drawing of business cards and gave away a Mango Pad Thai kit to Arlene. And Randy won a gift certificate for Koume on his first sushi outing, so I’m sure he’ll be coming back here soon. And yes, we all got free dessert!

All in all a wonderful meal, and great service. And you won’t find a better group of people anywhere. It has to make the restaurant feel good also, to have sushi lovers come and enjoy the food. Real fun. Real full. Ready for the next one.

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