Kaizeki Dinner at Daimatsu Sushi

Great folks to hang out withLast Sunday night, Kobayashi-san at Daimatsu Sushi in Boca Raton prepared a special kaizeki dinner for a dozen of us lucky diners. We had a lot of fun sharing this meal with a great mix of sushi lovers and foodies. and Here’s our recap of that meal.

Our kaizeki dinner started with a bottle of cold Sapporo Premium. Not being that knowledgeable about beer, I’ll leave the critique of this new beer to others. But I certainly enjoyed it.

clam miso shiro with udon noodlesThe first dish for us was a clam miso soup, or Asari Miso Shiro. The clams were wonderful and flavored the miso soup so well.

We tried to change this dish late in the game to be udon. The udon noodles Daimatsu uses are good, but their excellent broth is just to die for. Instead of scrapping the miso for udon, they simply added udon noodles to the clam miso. It worked, but it was a funny mashup.

mixed seaweed saladNext course was a seaweed salad dish featuring wakame and kelp, served on a bed of iceberg lettuce in a freezing cold plate.

There was a nice light citrus dressing that pulled it all together. Not sure if it was ponzu or yuzu based, but it was delightfully tangy.

Next came the pièce de résistance, an assortment of appetizers that were spectacular. This dish had takoyaki, an octopus fritter that is a great example of Osaka street food.zennsai youken - takoyaki, ebi shumai, avocado nuta

Another item was a shrimp dumpling, ebi shumai, that was surprisingly tasty. We’re usually not that fond of ebi shumai but these were perfect. The next item was an avocado nuta. The sauce was just the right sweetness and had plenty of miso flavor.

FInishing off the plate was a grilled smelt. In Japan you would expect some grilled fish in any kaizeki dinner, and Kobayashi-san picked out some gorgeous fish for us. Females, fat bellies full of roe, and grilled to perfection.

More fish followed, with our sunomono dish. Sunomono is a vinegared seafood salad, with the seafood often marinating for hours.

Ours had nice slices of tako, pieces of king crab legs, salmon, shrimp and kamaboko. Kamaboko is a fish cake commonly used in Japanese dishes.

nigirizushi and rainbow rollAnd yes, we ate sushi. Our next dish featured nigirizushi and rainbow roll. It would not be right to visit Daimatsu and not eat sushi, after all.

The rainbow rolls here feature a great crab salad, replacing the typical krab stick most places use. But they usually do a better job topping the roll with roe and finely chopped scallion, and I missed that.

green tea ice cream with yokanFinally we were served green tea ice cream with homemade red bean yokan, decorated with a strawberry pocky.

Now those of you familiar with store bought yokan would be surprised at the texture of fresh homemade yokan. It is soft and only mildly sweet , because there is no need for the preservatives and additional agar that make the store versions hold up longer while sitting on the store shelf.

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