Bluefin Sushi in Parkland

Three sushi lovers enjoying the meetup at Bluefin ParklandWe had a great time at the Bluefin Sushi in Parkland, FL at our recent sushi social. We all enjoyed a lot of terrific sushi and Japanese food, and we were treated very well by the staff.

Some people had a little trouble finding the restaurant, in this bucolic backwater in Northwest Broward County. Apparently GPS systems commonly point people to the wrong place. There are two Bluefin Sushi restaurants after all, this one and one in Boca Raton – maybe that explains it.

Suzanne wins a gift certificate drawing from Bluefin Parkland Manager David

Suzanne wins a gift certificate drawing from Bluefin Parkland Manager David

We all enjoyed the food of course. In our experience the food is consistently good here, look for a more detailed review soon on SushiPRO blog. Certainly it was good for our group – everyone we talked to expressed their delight with the food they ordered. And some great food was ordered too, including some sushi boats and big sushi and sashimi dinners.

A few people ordered uni shooters – a small shot-sized item with uni, accompanied by tobikko, wasabi, soy sauce and a quail egg. Not an unusual mix, but serving it in a shot glass is unusual and fun.

But great food not withstanding, the restaurant manager David really made sure the evening went well. Everyone was well attended to with courtesy, but not in a manner that interfered with conversation. Service was good, as even specially requested items were brought promptly.

The vibe was relaxed, and several people remarked that they’d found a new sushi spot to frequent. Between the delicious food and the attentive, friendly management people just feel good about dining here.

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