Sushi Showdown at Splitsville

Sushi Showdown at SplitsvilleCome see a sushi chef showdown in Miami this Wednesday night at 8pm! There will be great prizes, specials, and loads of fun for all.

As regular readers will recall, Splitsville in South Miami has a pretty nice sushi bar, read the recent Splitsville sushi bar review to recap. But this Wednesday, they will invite other local sushi chefs to compete for a $500 top prize for the winning sushi master.

Mike from SushiPRO will be one of the judges, so the sushi chefs better be on their best game. No sloppy ends, losely rolled, overstuffed rolls are gonna get a free pass!

The prizes are great – not only a big first prize, but a terrific sushi knife for second prize, and a $100 third prize. These guys are all gonna be gunning for the $500 though, I’m pretty sure.

There will be drink specials to promote Gekkeikan Sake’s beverages, including some $4 sake bombs and more. This place has a full bar though, and trust me – their lemon mojitos are to die for!

This venue is perfect. There’s room for lots of people, there are plenty of tables for spectators to sit and enjoy the competition, and of course there are lanes for those who want to bowl a game afterwards. Did we mention that they have full sushi and drink bar service at your lane?

Here’s the South Miami location – come on out and enjoy!

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