Sushi Roll Rant Redux

I know what I'm doing!

I know what I'm doing!

OK following up on our recent Sushi Roll Rant, we decided to carry on bravely in spite of the outrage from tens of kitchen sink sushi roll enthusiasts. Time to repeat the mantra – if you can’t tell what kind of seafood is in your roll, or if there even is any seafood in there, it’s time to find a different sushibar. Or find a different cuisine to eat.

And lest we leave any deserving group unpunished, let’s single out a special group of offenders who continue to serve abomination rolls, and overcharge people for them as well. Yes we’re referring to probably half of all those Asian Fusion places that feel the need to claim some sort of innovation in the sushi department. Wake up people, adding beef lo mein to a sushi roll does not make something of value, it creates a stomach ache.

Assembly line sushi rolls

Assembly line sushi rolls

Not all new things are good, say the traditional sushi masters. And of course, they point out that fiery flying golden dragon warrior rolls and 6-fish low-carb rolls are not really good tasting. Or healthy.

Yours truly may open a sushibar serving only bad sushi rolls some day. We could serve only rolls that contained no seafood, just to see if anyone noticed. Layer after layer of cream cheese, bacon, tempura flake, dynamite sauce, brie cheese, kimchi sauce, spicy mayo, eel sauce, etc. Put some crushed tums in there for good measure too, that way our patrons won’t even complain about stomach aches later. And if people won’t eat the rolls, maybe Lady Gaga will wear them.

Seriously we realize every town must have it’s own vanity roll, and sushibars feel compelled to create a namesake roll, but sushi chefs you need to be mindful of the basic guidelines of good taste. Your patrons must be able to taste some sort of, well, taste!

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