Sushi Pizza Coup de Grâce – Toppings

What should we be topping our sushi pizzas with anyway?

What should we be topping our sushi pizzas with anyway?

While I can’t pretend this kind of dish could withstand adding sausage, it is worth considering for a moment. I somehow think the popular pizza topping basil works better with sushi than a stronger fennel flavor. To parallel a common pizza topping, namely onion, we suggest scallions. This may suit your tastes prefectly.

But our preferences lean toward using a more traditional sushi ingredient – shredded shisho leaf! Works perfectly with our tuna, and stands up to salty soy sauce, tangy yuzu or ponzu. But if you can’t get shisho leaf where you live don’t fret, try small strips of nori instead. If you’re bored, how about trying some furikake?

There’s a tradition in Japanese cuisine of serving fish and even chicken in the same dish with the egg(s). A famous chicken and egg dish is called Oyago-don; parent-child rice bowl. With fish it seems to work wonderfully too. Nigirizushi is often served with a bit of the roe on top. The point here is of course is to point out that roe is a spectacular choice for a topping.

Sushi Pizza with what looks like spicy tuna

Sushi Pizza with what looks like spicy tuna

And for completeness’ sake, if you’re the type who likes their pizza taste obliterated by pepperoni (America’s favorite pizza topping by a wide margin) then let me suggest applying a thin layer of wasabi underneath the tuna. There’s no way we’re going to achieve a robust greasiness that will completely satisfy you, but this will kick up the sushi pizza in a way that should do the trick.

Well there you have it pizza-loving sushi fans, our recipe for bi-culinary satisfaction. But the real question is can we get someone to deliver it to my door?

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