Have a sushi party at home!

Making sushi at home is really rewarding. Yes it’s a lot of work, but it tastes so great when you make the effort to make it good. And it’s loads of fun!

Here’s a basic checklist if you’re planning to do so this coming weekend. Remember, you can always substitute or upgrade these items. For example, if you prefer really good quality shoyu instead of generic soy sauce you can buy the premium stuff.


Strongly recommended

Typical seafood ingredients

Common non seafood items

  • egg – try to cook with dashi, touch of sweet sake
  • cucumber – use as roll filler, or try to cut thin for wrapper
  • scallion – long slices used inside rolls
  • avocado – slices used inside rolls, thin slivers use as roll topping
  • kanpyo – great inside rolls like futomaki
  • mango – okay, unconventional but great with light fish rolls
  • For the sushi masters

    There’s so much more you could use, but frankly this is just making us entirely too hungry to continue. In fact anything you really love to eat, or is in season wherever you live should be up for consideration. And don’t forget the MOST important ingredient of all – FUN!

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