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Sushi class students hear Chef George explain why he wraps his Makisu (bamboo rolling mat) in plastic wrap.

Sushi class students hear Chef George explain wrapping his Makisu (bamboo rolling mat) in plastic wrap

We recently had the great pleasure of attending a sushi class. This class is offered every month by Chef George Catering in Davie, FL. It’s a basic class, but there’s plenty of fun to be had learning and eating sushi with new friends.

Chef George Catering operates out of a commercial kitchen in Davie, and uses the facility for cooking classes when not in use for the catering business. They put on several cooking classes each month, including Italian, Indian and yes – sushi! But each class has only ten or twelve people at a time, so it’s a small, friendly setting to learn and have some fun. After all, who wants cooking classes in a big auditorium?

Patti having fun arranging sushi rolls

Patti having fun arranging sushi rolls

The sushi class I went to was basic, as I mentioned, and started with cooking rice. Chef George explained about the type of rice to buy, and how to prepare it. We cooked it on a stove, although in real life most folks now use a rice cooker, just so that people could see how they did it in generations past.

And just in case you think this was something other than a real class, where people come to learn sushi-making, note that Chef George had the class do prep work. The students learned how to cut veggies and fish that would later be used in our sushi. The class participants also prepared wasabi, peeled and shredded daikon radish, made seasoning for the sushi rice, and prepared some spicy mayo to be used on one of the rolls.

Sushi Rolls ready for eating

Sushi Rolls ready for eating

We all enjoyed the fruits of our labors afterwards, along with saketinis and it was good. Nobody even complained about the roll one girl apparently tried to kill with sriratcha sauce. Why not? Because it was so much fun, that nobody cared.

So in case you’re considering attending a sushi class, let us simply suggest, without knowing anything about your skill level or situation, that you should do it. There was a lot more going on than just making sushi. Everyone there just had a good time, and just happened to learn and eat and make friends along the way. Try this soon, you won’t regret it!

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  • SushiTail says:

    Beautiful presentation!
    Using daikon is a great idea. It sure adds color to it.

  • Sue says:

    I was in london this week end for a similar class with chef Emmanuel Letellier from ‘Your Sushi’.
    It was AMAZING!
    He also used Daikon, but i think he called it Takuan or something like this, yellow and yummee!!!
    I highly recommend it and i am now eating sushi once a week!
    happy Sushi making.

    The class i took was here:

  • mdw says:

    Folks on your side of the pond could do a lot worse than attending a class like this. Beats watching TV no?


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