Splitsville Sushi Showdown

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This past Wednesday night Splitsville Lanes in Miami had a Sushi competition that featured some serious sushi chefs battling for the $500 top prize. This well planned contest was reminiscent of Food Network’s Iron Chef show, with all the high drama and showmanship.

The sushi bar at Splitsville was disassembled, and an area prepared for the showdown. A video feed was displayed on an overhead big screen so the audience could easily see the cutting board and prep area while each contestant was making their magic.

I’ve been told they’re already talking about planning next year’s contest to be even more spectacular. And I’m determined that next year we’re going to make sure to reserve a couple large tables to invite a group of friends to come witness the mayhem.

Coming next time is a recap of the action. I was one of the judges in the competition, so I got a close look and a taste of everything, but cannot speak for the other judges.

The main event was a freestyle event, with each of the competing sushi chefs preparing any dish they desired, in a ten minute time interval. Garnishes and ingredients prep work was required to be done onsite with whatever ingredients the chefs cared to use.

There was also a speed competition where all five competing chefs made five inside out veggie rolls as fast as they could. Points were deducted for sloppiness, including looseness, failing to cut through, and sloppy end pieces.

This was really a great event, thoughtfully planned and brilliantly executed. Everyone enjoyed the showdown featuring some great local sushi chefs. We have lots of photos – stay tuned for tomorrows installment where we’ll run through the details.

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