Splitsville, Miami FL

Sushi and Bowling - why not?Rating: ★★★★☆
Splitsville Lanes Sushi Bar
5701 Sunset Dr.
South Miami, FL 33143
www. splitsvillelanes.com

Splitsville is a fun and funky bowling alley slash sushi bar slash lounge. Lanes are reserved together with comfy booths that accommodate six people, although the lane scoring system can handle eight bowlers per game.

At Splitsville they take their sushi seriously, and so we decided to give it a throw. And after careful deliberation, a couple of mojitos and plenty of soy sauce, the official SushiPRO verdict is in – it’s a strike!

They have sushi and sashimi dinners here, as well as many kinds of sushi rolls, a pretty impressive menu for a bowling alley. When we sample some of their fresh sashimi we almost forget that we’re supposed to be bowling.

What’s that? Think there’s no way you’re going to a bowling alley for good food. You probably imagine the place you went as a kid, with the lousy chili dogs and hard plastic seats by the lanes, right?

Butterfly Roll - kani, cucumber, avocado topped with hamachi, tuna, salmon and mango salsaSplitsville has fewer lanes, so there’s ample room for booth seating with tables for food and drinks. The wait staff brings food from the kitchen or sushi bar, along with drinks from the bar. There are plenty of drink choices too; our recommendation is the lemon mojito.

Shown to the right, is their butterfly roll. It’s similar to an upscale rainbow roll; and by upscale we mean it has hamachi instead of escolar! So basically a california roll topped with salmon, tuna, and hamachi, and then a sweet mango salsa. Highly recommended!

Their Godzilla Roll is fearsome and probably our favorite roll! Plenty of fish in a teardrop shaped conventional roll (that’s right, it’s not an inside out roll) that is as awesome as its namesake.

We like the red dragon roll too, with fresh tuna and avocado topping a tempura shrimp roll. Their regular dragon roll is just as nice, with a thick layer of avocado topping and a little bit of crunch inside.

Godzilla roll, dragon roll, sashimi, chef surpriseWe are less enamored with their Macho Grande Roll, however. For us the tuna, shrimp tempura and cream cheese just isn’t a great combo. And the mustard sauce that comes with it just doesn’t seem to bring it together.

We like the Crab Rangoon Roll far more. It’s on the appetizer menu because it’s not very meaty, but it is tasty. For a warm, cheesy tempura roll to get you loosened up we like this one a lot. Doesn’t seem to improve our bowling scores, but that’s another story.

Give it a roll next time you’re looking for something different. And call us if you need to pick up a spare to help navigate the sushi bar.

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