Renaissance Kanazawa Junmai

Yesterday I drank some really enjoyable sake called Renaissance Kanazawa. It’s classified as a junmai, meaning that it’s been polished down to 70% of the original weight.

This brew is just the right amount of sweet. I liked the nose, surprisingly enough – usually sakes don’t seem to have much of a nose, or it’s just too weak to give you much preliminary enjoyment. A little tartness when you sip it, then gone. A sweet taste in the mouth – that’s where I enjoyed the nice, full body and the subtle fruitiness.

It has a fairly low alcohol content for a sake (12-13%), which allows it to also have a light taste going down the hatch. Sakes with 18-20% alcohol will let you know that when you swallow them, and sometimes the brew will provide a strong taste of rice or similar to ease that finish.

This sake, brewed in Ishakawa prefecture, is heat treated only once apparently. It’s common to heat before and after bottling, as part of the pasteurization process. It’s advertised as having a unique fermentation process, but I have no idea about the details. Please let me know about it if you do.

Somehow the easy nature of this sake won out in the end. I ended up feeling like I was drinking a diaginjo, with very subtle flavor profile. Actually I was wishing for a bit more taste on the finish, but the easygoing nature of it seemed to go well with the sushi I was eating.

Would I drink it again? Yes I would!

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