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Top Ten Sushi Meals of 2011

My top ten meals in sushi bars in 2011 – seems like a suitable way to remind myself how fortunate I’ve been. Not quite the list I would have guessed at the beginning of 2011 either.

The one here that took place in January, the dinner at Honmono Sushi in Thonglor, was a very strange twist of fate. And the whole year of great sushi dinners seemed to flow marvelously from there.

Here’s are the best of the best! (more…)

Sushi Roll Hall of Shame for 2011

Time for a small rant about some of the disgusting fare that passes for sushi maki these days. Don’t get me wrong, some sushi rolls are wonderful, but some people have gotten totally out of control.

We’re going to shed some light on these sushi roll transgressions, and hopefully prevent these kinds of things from being created in future. Singling out the wrongdoers is the only way. And these concoctions truly deserve to be our 2011 inductees into the newly minted Sushi Roll Hall of Shame!

So here’s our “dis-honor roll” for those poor creations that became out top ten abominations in 2011. Leave now if you have a weak constitution or if there are young children watching.

Dessert Faux Nigiri

I thought I’d bring a dessert to a party last, and what could be better than fruit sushi? Yes, I saw a sweet version of fruit sushi made on this video.

OK to start my faux sushi I made rice. Now this is sticky rice, but not the Japanese sticky rice I use for real sushi. This is Thai sweet sticky rice, the kind they use for desserts like this sticky rice and mango. This is a long grain sticky rice, while the Japanese sticky rice is short grained rice.

The rice is cooked with coconut milk – it’s steamed and left to cool. After it cools, we shape it into rice patties to be used for our nigiri.

Tweet & Sushi at Oh! Sushi

Tweet & Sushi en Oh! Sushi en Doral

El próximo lunes 12 de Diciembre, 8pm!
Oh! Sushi
9036 NW 25th St.
Doral, FL 33172

Prisa, número limitado de asientos!

Confirma su asistencia por correo email:

RSVP: Teléfono 305-629-8442 o correo electrónico a

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Omakase at Gaysha Sushi

We recently enjoyed omakase dinner at the relaxed and friendly Gaysha New World Sushi in Wilton Manors, FL. Look at the photos, drool a little, then scroll back up and read about it.

Uni Shooters – some great looking, firm golden uni swimming in cold, dry sake with a touch of ponzu. These are actually geared for true uni lovers — they come with quail eggs, just as a great uni gunkan sushi would. This was bolstered by some small pieces of scallion which really finished the drink up nicely.

Tuna Aburi – this dish featured tuna, first and foremost. It was lightly torch-seared, with a great sauce made from soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar and olive oil. Served with a bit of onion and mustard. Wonderful stuff! (more…)

Oh! Sushi

Rating: ★★★★½

Oh! Sushi
9036 NW 25th St.
Doral, FL 33178
If you live in Miami you’ve probably heard of Oh! Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Doral, FL. They are a bit different.

When you enter you will immediately notice that it’s a colorful, bright place. Most sushi bars are formal and masculine, with decors teeming with wood and black lacquer. This place has paper fugu (blowfish) characters hanging from the ceiling. An in fact the main character that represents the Oh! Sushi brand is a headband-wearing young sushi chef named Susherito – “little sushi”. (more…)

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