Oyako Don – simple but serious

Oyako Don is a Japanese dish made from chicken and egg served as a rice bowl. Thus the moniker: oyako means parent-child, and refers to the relationship between the chicken and the egg. Don is used for dishes served as a rice bowl, or don-buri.

oyako don

Delicious is an understatement, this dish is really a treat. Yet it’s not difficult to make. You can see the main ingredients from the photo.

Start with dashi soy and mirin warming in a sauce pan on medium heat. Put a lot of dashi and just eyeball the rest. Add chicken and onions and wait for them to cook.

Now add sliced shiitake and eggs. Stir and mix ingredients and let it finish cooking. Top with scallions and pour over rice bowl. Done!

Actually the term is also used for salmon & ikura (salmon roe) since that’s another parent & child combo. Try the chicken & egg version at home soon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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