Osechi New Years Dinner at Maido

If you like authentic Japanese dining opportunities you won’t want to miss this special New Years meal to celebrate o-shogatsu! It’s going to be held on Jan 3 in Miami at Maido Japanese Restaurant.

Ozouni – 雑煮 is a traditional New Years soup made with mochi (glutenous rice cakes) The exact ingredients vary from specific region to specific region.

This meal is more than just the ozouni however, we’ll be enjoying large box dinner set called osechi. It’s a traditional New Years meal dating back to early samurai times. Now it’s the traditional meal to celebrate O-shogatsu (new years)

We have the chance to celebrate New Years in style with a traditional Japanese New Years meal featuring this gooey treat. Here’s the details, followed by the dinner menu.

When: Jan 3rd, 7:00 pm
Where: Maido Japanese (see map below)
Cost: $65.00 for 2 people, includes everything!
Terms: Must pay by Paypal on or before Jan 2, 2012
Refunds: full refund before Jan 1, 2012


RSVP here:

use hashtag #osechiMiami when tweeting please (^_^)


Osechi (served in stackable, sectioned boxes)
– Kuro-mame (sweet black soy beans)
– Kazunoko (salted herring roe)
– Tazukuri (Teriyaki small dried sardines)
– Datemaki (sweet omlette)
– Kobumaki (rolled kelp with salmon)
– Kouhaku-namasu (daikon,carrot sunomomo)
– Tataki-gobou (Burdock with sesame sauce)
– Kikka-daikon (daikon sunomono)
– matsumae-zuke (pickled dried cuttlefish and kelp)
– Su-renkon (lotus root sunomomo)
– Umaki tamago (broiled eel omelette)
– Kuri Kinton (sweet potato and chestnut ball)
– Ika misozuke (miso marinated squid)
– Wakasagi nanbanzuke (marinated smelt)

Nitsuke (boiled veg: yam, carrot, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, konjak, daikon)
Ozouni (rice cake soup)

Everything here will be prepared Kansai style, since the sushi chefs here are from this region. That means the ozouni soup should be miso-based rather than made from bonito. We don’t really need to care, just come and enjoy this rare treat!

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  • Elliot says:

    What if I only want to come by myself? Do I have to pay for two?

  • mdw says:

    Sorry, the box sets are made for two people to share. The ozouni is individual soups in bowls, but those boxes are the main cost and no way to split it in half.


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