Oh! Sushi

Rating: ★★★★½

Oh! Sushi
9036 NW 25th St.
Doral, FL 33178
If you live in Miami you’ve probably heard of Oh! Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Doral, FL. They are a bit different.

When you enter you will immediately notice that it’s a colorful, bright place. Most sushi bars are formal and masculine, with decors teeming with wood and black lacquer. This place has paper fugu (blowfish) characters hanging from the ceiling. An in fact the main character that represents the Oh! Sushi brand is a headband-wearing young sushi chef named Susherito – “little sushi”.

They do, in fact, have plenty of decorative elements from traditional Japanese motifs. The exterior windows are decorated with a swirling grill design, and the waving neko cat greets customers as they walk in the door. But there are also facebook placards, Japanese magazines & books, and even a small Internet station setup in back.

These same eclectic tendencies have produced menus (tambièn en español) that are as unique as the restaurant is. Prices are not expensive, and the Oh! Sushi menu is designed to encourage people to mix-n-match pieces of sushi rolls. You can choose form about twenty types of rolls and order by the piece to be able to try more kinds of rolls.

A further look shows that there is a careful balance between sushi novice and expert. Salmon fingers, Fuji volcanoes, tempura rolls and much more easily reassure the uneasy sushi patron that it’s gonna be delicious, even if the prospect of raw fish is scary.

Yet the acquired taste crowd gets to order uni, and many other gunkan sushis, generally with roe for $1.99 each. They sell nigiri by the piece for just 99 cents each, including unagi, hamachi, homemade tamago, saba, ebi and many more. Unbelievable right?

In addition to that, there is nama wasabi, 99 cent gyozas, and plenty of other tasty Japanese items including their superb homemade okonomiyaki, with a mouth-watering sauce and generous portion of bonito flakes. And as you might suspect by now, they serve takoyaki, yakitori and more.

But leave room for dessert! They make fresh desserts there each day. If you’re lucky you’ll get the excellent Bailey’s Tiramisu we tried. Absolutely heaven for an adult palate. But if that’s not your style, fear not, they have ice creams too.

There’s a Japanese market here too. They stock a full inventory, from packaged and frozen foods to toys to dishes to decorations. And they’ve got more on order because they’re the only place in this area that stocks this merchandise.

Oh! Sushi is the labor of love of Felipe Del Valle and his wife — serious sushi lovers. Felipe opened sushi restaurants in Madrid and Mallorca, Spain before coming to Miami. He told us, “There is the business side of it, but you really must always remember to keep it fun.”

Another thing that makes Oh! Sushi stand out from the crowd is marketing. Sushi bars are notoriously bad at marketing. They despise it, sometimes even refusing to advertise as well. But Oh! Sushi embraces the opportunity to meet the local sushi fans.

They run a terrific “pink fish” contest, hiding this big pink cutout somewhere in Doral each week, and they reward whoever finds it with free food. In competitive industries like real estate, this kind of local marketing would not be noteworthy, but for a sushi bar it shows a real maturity and understanding of what it takes to engage with the area residents.

Wasibator Susherito Sushita

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