Moriwase at Maido

We’re going back to the scene of a great omakase dinner last year. Despite a torrential downpour, and tornado watches, we met at Maido Japanese Restaurant in Doral, FL. People cancelled due to the weather, others were late, as traffic was miserable, and yet we had a terrific time.

This time we’ve scheduled great weather, and this ought to be one fine feast. We have a great crew assembled, the tag team of Genya and Hiroshi are ready and planning our meal already. The only current problem is that we have to wait another week still!

This is a fixed price special dinner for $30 cash only, including tax and tip. And in case you have any doubts that they will fix us up with something wonderful (or just to check out last year’s event) see this post detailing our omakase dinner at Maido.

Be sure to check back here in the next couple of days for the official menu. But remember, last time they sandbagged, and surprised us at the end with a really nice plate of nigirizushi.



  • Beef Tataki Maido – Seared beef in spicy vinegar sauce
  • Ebiwasabi – Sauteed shrimp with wasabi cream sauce
  • Takoyaki – Kansai style octopus fritter


  • Sashimi moriawase – Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, etc.


  • Agedashi – Deep fried mochi (japanese rice cake) and agedashi tofu


  • Buta-misozukeyaki – Miso marinated Pork fillet steak


  • Moriawase – maido-maki, uni, rainbow or dragon?

Miso shiro

  • Miso soup – tofu, wakame, and scallion

Green tea

Remember this is cash only price, $30 payable at the restaurant. Japanese beer or sake is available, but it’ll be billed separate. In fact they’ve got some really nice sakes to choose from here!

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