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allison and rachaelToday we talk to the Sushi Sisters, Allison and Rachael, who are the team bringing you the Miso Hungry Podcast. It only started a couple weeks ago, but already they’ve got some great episodes published. We recommend subscribing in iTunes, but you can also find the episodes on their website at www.misofy.com

Allison Day is a sushi lover from way back. She runs the popular blog, www.sushiday.com, and has lots of great content there going back to 2006! One side of her family is Japanese, and although she was born and raised in the US, she’s a big fan of Japanese cuisine, including sushi. She definitely knows here stuff, yet she’s only half of this all-star tag team.

Rachael Hutchings is the brains behind the www.lafujimama.com blog. She cooks loads of gorgeous Japanese food, as you’ll see if you follow her blog. Rachael lived in Japan twice, and apparently learned a lot about cooking the foods while there. Her daughters enjoy eating her Japanese food, and when you see the dishes she prepares you’ll immediately understand why.

They both know a lot about Japanese food and culture, and they hope to share some of that knowledge with all of us in the coming months with a series of podcasts. Be sure to support their effort and ensure that we get lots of good shows!

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SushiPRO: Rachael, you lived in Tokyo for three years, right? I wonder if you loved Japanese food before you moved there. Did you even know what it was?

Rachael: My experience with Japanese food beforehand was just sushi and miso soup. And I loved it! But moving there opened up a whole new world.

SushiPRO: Allison, you grew up eating Japanese food right? Did going to Japan change your ideas about Japanese cuisine?

Allison: There are certain things that you can find there that aren’t really around here. But since I’ve been familiar with Japanese food all of my life, a lot of things were not that surprising for me. But still more delicious than I can find here!

SushiPRO: How did you guys meet each other?

Allison: Twitter. After that we found each others’ blogs. Then we first met in person about a year ago at a mutual friend’s house, when we were filming videos for another friend.

SushiPRO: What made you decide to start the MisoTalk Podcast?

Allison: A mutual friend of our suggested it to me at a party in November. I laughed, but I thought about it and realized the only thing I could talk about was Japanese food. And the only person I really wanted to do it with was Rachael.

Rachael: And it was perfect, because I had been bouncing some ideas around. I was interested in doing a podcast, but nothing had really made any sense. But when Allison said something to me it just seemed perfectly logical.

SushiPRO: Did you realize how much work was involved when you started doing the podcast?

Allison: No

Rachael: We had a vague idea. But we’re both kind of perfectionists, so we make more work for ourselves.

Allison: That’s very true. I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning, because I had never used audacity before, so figuring out how to edit took forever.

So our intro episode, which was a five minute episode, took me several days to do, just because I had no idea what I was doing. But now that I’m more used to it, it’s easier and not as much work, so I can do other stuff.

SushiPRO: But that’s not all of it though, you’ve got to keep up the website, post the tako tidbits and more. You’re doing a lot more than just recording and editing.

Allison: The website is not too big of a deal. I’m a programmer, my boyfriend has designed all of my websites, so that was something that we’ve done quite a few times before, so it really wasn’t anything new.

And Rachael does an amazing job doing the research every week, and getting together all of the information and links and everything that we need for our show notes. So all I really have to do is re-listen to the episode, look at her notes, and it’s really easy.

SushiPRO: Rachel you really cook some amazing looking Japanese foods. Have you thought of some way to showcase that skill in these podcasts?

Rachael: What we’re starting to do is when we bring up a subject that either of us has written about, we will link back to those posts and use some of those old pictures. Although we’re having fun taking new ones too.

We’ve both developed a pretty good library of information on some of the things we’ll be covering and we’ll definitely want to tap into that.

SushiPRO: Allison you accumulated a lot of great information on your site, SushiDay.com over the years. Will you find a way to trot out some of those old classics posts and re-purpose them?

Allison: To some extent, yes. I mean most of my old posts are just wacky, random sushi rolls.

Rachael: Perfect!

SushiPRO: Sounds like an episode to me!

Allison: So if we do reuse some of that, it’ll be more specific to sushi. so just one episode or two. But yeah, there’s always that potential.

SushiPRO: You two have a lot of natural camaraderie that comes across well on the air. A lot of giggling too, but which one of you is the steady one who keeps the show focused and on track.

Rachael: I think we kind of take turns. We’re both steady in different ways, and we both take turns giggling.

SushiPRO: How do you guys work out who takes the lead on the show? Do you both kind of wait to see what the other one does, or is this something that’s scripted ahead of time?

Allison: Well some things we discuss beforehand, sometimes we just kind of go for it, and it just kind of works. And sometimes there are long, awkward pauses, and I start giggling.

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subscribe to Miso Hungry podcastBe sure to subscribe to MisoTalk Podcast on iTunes, or visit the Misofy Website to listen to all the great archived shows.

Don’t forget to visit to read the Tako Tidbits as well!

Stay tuned – second half coming tomorrow!

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