Mikado Japanese Restaurant, Oakland Park FL

Rating: ★★★½☆Mikado Japanese Restaurant
977 East Commercial Blvd
Oakland Park, Florida 33334
(954) 491-0738

For over thirty years this nice Japanese couple has been running the Makido Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant in a shopping center on the Northwest corner of Commercial Blvd and Dixie Highway.

Chef Minami makes tasty sushi and his wife waits tables in their small sushi bar. It’s a friendly, quaint place where regulars get their own chopsticks saved behind the sushi bar. The proprietors are friendly and confront everyone with a warm smile.

Fried oysters, kaki, are done very well here and served in a basket of six for about six dollars. Not all kitchen fare fares so well though. Tonkotsu ramen here is not tasty at all, and is not cheap at $9.95; we don’t recommend wasting money on it.

On a busy weekend night these guys are not able to keep up. The service is slow and the sushi comes out a bit sloppy. Chef Minami rapidly makes the sushi, and often delivers it to the tables too! Come here on weeknights, or off hours to get the best sushi. Chef Minami knows how to make some tasty food, and he will make you happy.

Now when it comes to nigiri, these guys do pretty well. The rice tastes good! The fish is generally good, but like most things here, nigiri can be a bit quirky.

style=”margin-left:-3px;” />Uni is a good choice because Minami-san puts pieces of cucumber inside. A little different from most, but absolutely appropriate, as uni sashimi is commonly served on cucumber; it’s a good match.

Hotate is cut carefully but not the typical cut length wise down the middle. He scores the scallop deeply and molds it around the rice. Plenty of surface area exposed for maximum enjoyment; that’s what makes nigirizushi so good after all. Most of the nigiri is very good here, although at times it seems like the neta are cut a bit too thick.

However, tamago nigirizushi has wasabi, and plenty of it. Most unorthodox, and not recommended for good reason. This is the frozen kind of tamago that you buy that’s uniformly bright yellow, the typical stuff found in most sushi bars. But even so, you should try to enjoy the sweetness. A healthy dab of wasabi pretty much rules out savoring the sweetness.

The rolls here taste good, but are nothing to write home about. Minami-san is generous with the ingredients; plenty of avocado in the rainbow rolls, healthy portions of tempura shrimp in those kinds of rolls, etc. The rice and fish both taste good, so rolls here are a good safe bet.

But here again we noticed a lack of precision. Toppings applied to inside out rolls, for example, are not pressed on using saran wrap after application. They tend not to adhere well, and may fall off!

Tuna Tataki at Mikado Japanese Rest in Oakland Park, FLSpicy tuna salads, tuna tatake and other non-maki items are very good here. The taste is always good for anything sushi, and anywhere that the presentation allows for creativity Chef Minami does a nice job.

The ambiance is good here, it’s a small friendly place with a nice, relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is clean and the prices are good. Service is very slow at peak times though, so make your plans accordingly.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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