Matsuri Sushi, Coral Gables FL

Matsuri Sushibar

Matsuri Sushibar

Rating: ★★★★★
Matsuri Japanerse Restaurant
5759 Bird Rd
Coral Gables, FL  33155

Every now and then you find a place, hidden away from the tourists, that rises to local legend status. Matsuri is that kind of sushi restaurant. They’re located in a nondescript strip mall with a totally ineffective sign out front – no way to see this place from the road. Also no website. And you’ll have to wait a little while if you go on a busy night. It’s like they want to prevent accidental diners, to reward the veterans. But we think it’s worth going way out of your way to find this diamond in the rough.

tuna bibimba

Tuna Bibimba

The menu features lots of uncommon Japanese fare; pick some unusual items to try if you go. I particularly enjoyed the Neki Toro Wasabi Ae, a toro dish which features the toro chopped so completely it’s really a paste, served with wasabi and a quail egg. And like so many other items here – served on chiso leaf; always a winner in my book. But as far as I can tell all appetizers are fabulous, although I still have more to try. Be sure to consider their grilled fish as well, the saba in particular is good. It’s the filet, skin on, grilled Japanese style and served with mashed daikon.

Tuna bibimba shown here was a bit of a surprise. Real bibimba is a korean dish with not so much in common with this. However with really fresh tuna and perfect rice one can imagine it to be tekka don and enjoy it for the good food that it is.



The Uni (sea urchin roe) is served absolutely fresh both times that I’ve ordered it, a neccessity really, since even slightly old uni is terrible. It’s a serious transgression to serve uni that’s past its prime. Toro, hamchi, hotate are all fresh, cut correctly and served with style. The sushi rice tasted good as well, and nigiri were pressed together with the proper density. For food quality I wish I could award one and a half points, preparation and presentation were flawless as well.

As if they needed it, the bathrooms and kitchen are kept very clean. The service is prompt and courteous. We don’t consider the signage outside when rating, so for the first time ever we award 5 out of 5 sushis! You can’t go wrong coming here when you’re in Miami, trust me.

Rating: ★★★★★

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