Koume Japanese Rest, Plantation FL

Sushi chef at Koume Japanese Rest

Skilled Sushi Chef at Koume Japanese Rest

Rating: ★★★★☆Koume Japanese Restaurant
11905 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation, FL 33323
(954) 577-9277

There’s a bounty of great sushi and Japanese food here to reward the enterprising folks willing to try a place in a generic strip mall just East of Sawgrass Mills. The sushi gets perfect marks from our crack palates! They have a nice selection too, although they’re never going to have all of the fish in house. We never hold that against anyone though, as the alternative is serving less than great fish.

Their kitchen features a wide variety of good food as well. The owner, Toshi runs the kitchen which turns out some great dishes. Americans will be presented with a fairly large menu featuring kitchen fare and rolls, but the inquisitive among you can ask for a nigirizushi menu, and the really lucky ones can order from their Japanese menu!

nigirizushi at Koume Japanese Rest

nigirizushi at Koume Japanese Rest

So very few will brave the drive West and go right past the wonderful Marumi nearly all the way to Sawgrass Mills. Those who do will be rewarded with that rare balance – an outstanding kitchen and textbook perfect sushi.

As for nigiri skills these guys make the classic sushi type absolutely correctly, a rarity believe it or not. Each of the different types of fishes got differing amounts of wasabi, depending on the strength and oiliness of the fish. Hint to the wise – try their hotate, they use the flavorful Hokkaido scallops that are superb!

Nigirizushi: tako, uni, tai, tamago,hamachi

Nigirizushi: tako, uni, tai, tamago,hamachi

Rice tastes good, but the toppings are never overwhelmed with huge, packed wads of rice, so it’s a subtlety.

The ratio of rice to neta is just right, and the quality of toppings is superb. Let me start with the tamago. The mark of a great sushi chef is certainly the rice, no doubt about that. Beyond that, selecting and preparing the best fresh fish has always been of paramount importance as well. Every piece of fish we’ve seen coming out of the sushi bar there has been tasty and cut perfectly.

Tamago - Japanese omelette

Tamago - sweet Japanese omelette

But another way to judge the skill of your itamai is by the tamago they make. True enough, so many places these days buy frozen tamago to save time, or to avoid learning the technique.

The great sushi chef cooks thin layers folded over on themselves to give a light, fluffy texture not unlike how a pastry chef repeatedly folds dough over onto itself to get a flaky crust.

And these guys make a delicious, light, sweet Japanese omelette where you can practically taste the sweet sake. Just wonderful.

This place has been around for about ten years, and sits in a wholly unremarkable strip mall on the periphery of Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall. The neon sign outside reads simply “Koume” and the decor inside is either low-key or boring, depending on your taste. Even the tables are arranged somewhat haphazardly. No expertise and little imagination went into the design of this restaurant interior. But don’t let that deter you from coming to try their food.

wonderful paitan ramen

Wonderful paitan ramen at Koume

In fact the service from the wait staff is good and the place is clean. The only weird thing is that they seem to have too many menus. A large standard menu has no nigiri, no specials, and is missing some of the hot kitchen items they can make. Separate sake menu. Separate Japanese menu. It’s a bit much.

Now one remarkable thing about Koume Japanese Restaurant is that the kitchen food seems to be just as strong as their sushi bar offerings. Ramen – fabulous! For this reviewer their was slightly too much ginger, which can be a bit strong, masking some of the more delicate flavors, but overall it is great. But the pork was succulent, and the broth had that deep, deep pork taste that you just don’t want to waste a drop of.

Kaki Tei Shoku - fried oysters

Kaki Tei Shoku - fried oysters

When in season oysters (kaki) are fried here, Japanese style. Kaki tei shoku is a great dish when the oysters are fresh and not overcooked. They offer many affordable meal choices like this for around $10 to $12 which include soup and salad.

And for dessert they have a special item: a green apple tempura with green tea ice cream. It is large and should be shared – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Okay, overall this place is a wonderful choice for sushi or other Japanese food. What could be nicer after a long day of shopping than stopping for a terrific meal at Koume!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  • Tony says:

    Great writeup Mike. There is no excuse for me not to visit Koume. I live 5 minutes away.

  • mdw says:

    Yeah I was shocked when I realized that I had failed to try this place for so long. It looks very ordinary from the outside but everything there is wonderful.

    My main criticism is that the sushi chefs seem content to be isolated from the customers at the sushi bar, talking amongst themselves in Japanese behind a high counter. But the owner’s charisma makes up for it in spades. Trouble is, he’s running the kitchen, so most customers don’t get to interact with him.

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