Sushi Meetup at Katana Sushi

Kai-ten Sushi Rest: Katana

Kai-ten Sushi Rest: Katana

We had a great meetup in a small little sushi place on Normandy Isle (north Miami Beach) called Katana Sushi. This place was small and the name of the restaurant was NOT displayed outside like a normal restaurant. There was a line of people standing around waiting to be seated since the place only holds about 25-30.

This is one of those places where a busy Japanese sushi chef makes orders and puts them on boats, floating around in a circle in front of the hungry patrons. When you go to Kaiten sushi, the different color plates represent the price – take whatever looks good as it goes by. Very few hamachi made it past me, as it seemed so fresh – and after all this delicacy is wonderful when fresh. I haven’t eaten in one of these places in a long time, and I enjoyed the combination of great fresh fish, sushi kai-ten and cheap price.

The meetup group is organized by our local sushi expert Anne, who knows many great sushi bars in the Miami area.  She’s done a great job getting folks together in different locales, and restricting the size of each  meetup so we can invade smallish places like this.

Rating: ★★★★½

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