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Japan Relief Poster from Crowdrise

Japan Relief Poster from Crowdrise.com

Japan seems to be starting down the long road to recovery this week, after stabilizing the situation at the Fukushima nuclear facility that was leaking radiation after the earthquakes and tsunami. Estimates now are at 18,000 dead, and millions more impacted by the devastating loss of property that saw some coastal cities literally wiped off the map.

It’s time to find people, get aid to the needy and work on shelter, safe food and water. Not everyone can go and help in search and rescue missions, go help build shelters and such. But almost everyone can do a little bit to help. Even kids can give small donations while playing online, as we described in a post last week. And adults can do much more.

This is not just a post for lovers of Japanese food and culture of course, the whole world has been moved by the magnitude of this natural disaster. But there is good news too. The laws of large numbers dictate that if we all do a little to help we can make a huge difference.

Won’t you be the one who skips one restaurant meal, or spends a little less on groceries or decides to buy one less shirt this week and donates the money instead to help those who have lost everything? With a simple text message of “REDCROSS” to 90999 you will donate $10 to Red Cross Japan. Most of us can afford that, to help folks who have lost families, relatrives, homes.

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