Japan Relief Update

Yes we will continue posting about Japan relief as long as we need to. Japan ReliefThe news out of Japan is still awful. Setback after setback is making recovery and moving on seem like a daunting task. There is so much basic work that needs to be done.

Here’s a nice list of organizations offering charitable relief to Japan – please choose one that you like and give. There’s still a great need for the basics: water, medicine, tents and blankets. Rebuilding comes later; right now there are still urgent survival needs to be met.

The displaced number in the hundreds of thousands. Over 12,000 people dead, and another 15,000+ are missing. An entire town close to the Fukushima nuclear plant was relocated last week as radioactive contamination continued to leak out unabated. All humanitarians must see this as the time to act.

We can only assume that the problems with containment at the Fukushima nuclear facility will be brought under complete control this week. Stopping the leak of radioactive material into the seawater is a top priority. That will allow everyone to breathe a bit easier and to focus on the logistics of helping so many affected people.

The basic needs (water, food, shelter) are the primary issue this week. Aid is slow to get there. Give what you can, and do so quickly so relief comes soon for all the thousands of people who deserately need it!

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