Japan needs our help!

Japan Relief Poster from CrowdriseYes, Japan is hurting and those of us with a public mouthpiece need to continue to write about the terrible situation there and keep it on people’s radar. One awful thing that always happens in disasters is the media fatigue that ensues after the initial story is told. The shock value has worn off, yet the need is still severe!

All you need to know is that this island nation is facing a severe humanitarian crisis, with around a quarter of a million people homeless, thousands unaccounted for, fifteen to twenty thousand dead, and a desperate need for water, shelter, food, medical supplies and all the basic stuff needed to survive the cold harsh weather.

Many people and organizations have been very generous, and it is helping. But please remember the scale of this horrible set of incidents including earthquake then tsunami and nuclear facility safety issues. This is beyond anything in memory, perhaps since World War II.

How about making a small contribution? Remember that HUGE help can be projected across the globe if all of us pitch in a little. Here’s a couple of organizations that are doing great things and could use funding.

Save the Children Federation – this organization has been working in Japan since 1986. They are opening child-friendly protective environments that include trained adults to help those unfortunate victims.

Americares is an organization focused on delivering medicines and supplies to hospitals, health care facilities and providers in the impacted areas. They need funds right away, as health care needs are often critical.

Your favorite charity. Give a little if you can, it’ll make a difference.

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