Huntsville Sushi Sampling

sushi chef at SakaoOur recent visit to Huntsville was the perfect excuse to once again sample some of the sushi bars in the North Alabama tech hub. And sample Alabama Sushi we did!

But we were determined to try sushi bars that we had not tried before. So we did not get around to some of our previus favorites like Edo.

First up was Sakao Japanese, located just off the main walkway in the fashionable Bridge Street pedestrian mall in Madison.

This is a nice little sushi bar with friendly staff and quick service. Be sure to order green tea here, because they use the real thing and let you refill.

spider roll

Shown above is a spider roll. It was tasty and warm. They serve a lot of rolls here, like most sushi bars in Huntsville. One unusual thing was their nigiri sushi prices were $1.50 and $1.89 whether you order kani stick or tuna. Weird, right?

alabama rollIn case you’re wondering, some of the local rolls include the Alabama Roll and the Tennessee Roll, shown below. Maybe folks in Tennessee just like salmon better than tuna?

They had a Huntsville Roll too, but we forget exactly what is in that roll. That’s why we take these silly photos, because we have trouble remembering food we don’t actually eat! And we did not feel like ordering this particular roll. Anyone who knows what the Huntsville roll has feel free to leave a comment.

We also sampled sushi at Phuket Restaurant in Providence, where they serve a wide assortment of Thai and Sushi dishes. Their Thai food is tasty, we had good luck with the few Thai entrees we’ve eaten there, but for this post we’re more interested in their sushi.

sushi platter from Phuket in Huntsville

Naturally we ordered the sushi platter, shown above. It was all good, and for a good price. The sushi here was our favorite of the three places we visited, and we’ll return here on our next trip to Huntsville.

Finally, despite our better judgement, we tried the sushi in New China Asian restaurant on Jordan Lane. It was better than we expected, and they even had inarizushi, but this place is not really a competitor for any decent sushi bar. Predictable and boring are the two adjectives that come to mind.

New China Resto sushi

So all in all we didn’t do such a good job hitting the sushi spots of Huntsville on this trip. We missed Tokyo and Edo and several others, so we’ll just have to vow to return at another time and carry on the quest.

Phuket Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Sakoa Japan Grill on Urbanspoon
New China Buffet on Urbanspoon

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