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sushi chefs at Honmono Sushi in Thonglor, Bangkok
Rating: ★★★★★Honmono Sushi
19 Soi Thonglor 23
Klongton-Nua, Wattana
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
02 185-1447

Big is in. That’s what we found when we recently visited Honmono Sushi in the trendy Thong Lor dining district in Bangkok, Thailand. Honmono literally means “real”, as in real sushi. And it was real … really big that is!

Toro Sashimi at Honmono Sushi

O-toro Sashimi at Honmono Sushi was too big!

The o-toro sashimi served there is too large! No really, it should be sliced a bit thinner to be tastier instead of being supersized.

In fact the portions of fish are cut too large in many cases, which threatened to derail the perfect rating we gave. Almost.

This is particularly noticeable in the case of nigirizushi, where the properly sized rice ball is completely lost under the oversized slab of fish.

Delicious silverfish salad at Honmono Sushi

Delicious silverfish salad is highly recommended!

This is a case of giving customers what they want instead of what is best. But to put it in perspective, there are far worse things to be accused of than serving portions that are too large.

An interesting dish there is the silverfish salad. It’s a great mix of lightly fried silverfish, served in a salad that really brings the flavor. This understated little beauty might just be the perfect appetizer for a lot of diners!

Beautiful engawa sushi at Honmono Sushi in Thonglor, Bangkok

Beautiful engawa sushi at Honmono Sushi

We were most pleasantly surprised to find engawa available, although it is the winter season, and so we ordered nigirizushi. It was lightly grilled and perfect. The fish was fresh, and thankfully the proportions were correct.

Speaking of fresh, all the seafood was fresh without exception. It’s easy to forget just how important that is to the experience when everything is spot on; you think only of the taste. Cooked items were all cooked to perfection as well.

Amazing sexy roll is a creation that has no right to work this well

The Sexy Roll is a creation that has no right to work this well

Honmono’s Sexy Roll is a curious mix of great tastes that has no right to taste great – but it does.

Salmon and avocado inside, topped with sliced chu-toro. Then it’s topped with diced hamachi, masago, and black tobikko – they were out on the night we visited, so we got black caviar instead. Finally there’s tempura flake added to an oyster in the center! Like we said, this combo has no right to taste as good as it does, but somehow it does!

Double orgasm is a creation of one of the owners at Honmono Sushi in Bangkok

Double orgasm is an unusual creation from one of the owners!

HonMono Sushi’s Double Orgasm is a most interesting dish, created by one of the owners. And it presents an opportunity to take a hands-on approach to your entree.

White noodles come topped with chopped toro, ikura, uni and nori. These are to be mixed with the toppings: raw quail egg, fresh wasabi, chopped scallions and minced ginger. The result is a flavor explosion!

The hamachi nigirizushi was as we expected – not enough rice for the supersized pieces of fish. They were so large that we decided to cut them in half and treat them as large pieces of sashimi.

This item fails as nigiri sushi, but is terrific as sashimi because the fish is so fresh.

This grilled hamachi sushi at Honmono Sushi in Bangkok was outstanding!

Grilled hamachi sushi at Honmono Sushi - outstanding!

The grilled hamachi, however, is magnificent. The oversized pieces really need a bit more rice for balance, but the fish we got was grilled perfectly and topped with a superb miso topping. This is a “must try” when you visit Honmono Sushi.

We ordered unagi sushi and got the predictable result. The unagi was top shelf, but the neta was oversized with respect to the rice. None of those little end pieces of mostly skin here though. All chunky pieces of the grilled eel make this a safe choice for all diners.

dancing eel roll at Honmono Sushi, Thonglor Bangkok

Dancing eel roll at Honmono Sushi was tasty!

Next we tried the Dancing Eel Roll which came with salmon, avocado and ikura inside, with grilled unagi with tsume as the topping. First rate, as we expected.

Did we mention that the service was outstanding? The wait staff refilled our drinks regularly, changed our plates, and explained about dishes when we had questions.

And the restaurant was clean and inviting overall. The bathrooms, sushi prep area and dining areas were all clean and well lit.

Crunchy Roll has a spicy kick at Honmono Sushi

Crunchy Roll has a spicy kick at Honmono Sushi

Back to the food, next we tried the Crunchy Roll, which was surprisingly a bit on the spicy side. By the way, never flaunt spiciness in your sushi unless you’re a sushi bar somewhere in Thailand!

The food quality was exceptional, including the tastiest fish and lightly seasoned rice. That’s because they get fresh seafood delivered every day, a rarity in the sushi business. If you think your favorite place does, check again. And the piéce de résistance was freshly ground wasabi. It just makes everything taste better than the powder horseradish/mustard mixes. Nothing tastes even a little bit off in this place.

Overall we think this is some of the best sushi you’ll find in Bangkok. And that’s saying something, in this city of more than 900 Japanese restaurants.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  • Patti says:

    Honmono sushi is one of the best sushi bar I ever had in Bangkok, seriously!! If you want to get the real sushi, give them a chance.


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