Homemade sushi time!

homemade rainbow rollWe had a sushi dinner at our place this weekend and had a lot of fun. It’s not hard to do if you don’t take things too seriously. Just remember it’s all about having fun!

A quick stop in to our local fishmonger reeled in some great catches. We chose some nice looking tuna, salmon and scallops.

They had some frozen eel that was tempting. It was anago, the salt water cousin of unagi. But it required preparation – yes these were the whole, frozen sea eels, not the nice filets we’re used to with unagi.

teppa makiAnother stop at the Asian grocery gave us all the supplies we needed, or that were running low at home. We did buy the frozen filet of unagi, along with tobikko and a few other items.

Temaki party was the basic idea, so everyone can eat exactly what they like. Everyone has favorites, so this way each can indulge in a monstrosity of their own creation.

We made some rolls ahead of time, and had the chance to offer guests the chance to make a roll. Everyone thinks it tastes a little better if they made it right?

We made great rice too! First we put thin sheets of kombu in the coffee maker and ran water through. That was the water we used to cook our thoroughly washed rice in. Then a liberal dose of rice vinegar while slicing through it with the rice paddle, as it cooled. It came out just wonderful.

Temaki PartyThat was about it, aside from slicing some sashimi and preparing tamago. The tamago tasted wonderful, since we added a dash of sweet sake. But the extra liquid made it come out less than perfect aesthetically.

All in all it was great. Very little work really, aside from some basic prep like preparing pieces of filler items for the handrolls. We cut strips of cucumber, sliced scallions, etc. No more work than most types of food would require.

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