Fort Myers / Cape Coral Sushi Survey – Part 2

Winner of the Fort Myers Sushi Survey round 1 by TKO was Origami. We will never return to Sans Sushi unless drunk, but at Origami we can at least get decent sushi and sake, along with our very own signed masu if we become regulars.

Now let’s take a look at two more Fort Myers / Cape Coral Sushi restaurants.

Tokyo Bay – Fort Myers, FL

This place is a great looking restaurant with a half dozen hibachi tables and a nice sushi bar.

Their menu is the nicest so far as well, with good offerings for any taste at decent prices. We’d have to go back a few time to really recommend a place with confidence, but this place has the right feeling.

They really look like a great place to eat hibachi, but we only tried the sushi. On a future trip we really should try though; they have the perfect setup for it. They also have the best website among the bunch, most of which have either a horror show site or in the case of San Sushi, no website at all.

Here’s how the rainbow roll from the photo above turned out. A little sloppy but decent. They have a decent bunch of rolls on their menu, not tons, but one for each distinct customer preference. Didn’t try the nigirizushi. We planned to go back and eat more, but one can only do so much in a week.

Zushi Zushi – Fort Myers Beach

Zushi Zushi is a Thai-Sushi place on the North end of Fort Myers Beach. They are one blaco off the main beach, in a building which can easily be seen from far away.

Zushi Zushi has a full Thai menu, full sushi menu, and a full bar. They had a special on beer samplers when we went, so we chose 3 of their beers on tap for $3.95, including their house beer, a light crisp beer named “Zushi Baan”, which means Zushi House in Thai.

I had a wonderful negihama, or hamachi roll. Always one of my favorites if the hamachi is fresh and the rice tastes good. This one hit the spot!

In fact , all the small rolls we saw looked nice. We didn’t order any large rolls, but can infer from what we saw that they seem to do rolls very well. Small sample size yes, but our results are what they are. Specialty rolls and beer appear to be the best selling items here with the sun soaked crowds along the beach.

Their nigirizushi was fine, but nothing special. They served me kani stick nigiri which I never like. But the unagi was nice. The tuna wasn’t good due to having a neta cut too thin and stretched to cover the oversized rice. Salmon was OK of course. Snapper was really not tasty, a bit dry. Shrimp was the unremarkable mass market frozen variety.

Their bentos seem to be a good choice. Shown here is their tempura sashimi bento. California roll was good, sashimi was too. The tempura was inconsistent though; onion was nice but the sweet potato was raw inside, making it hard to eat. Someone forgot to cook it first.

Overall though, this and presumably others like it are a great lunch value. This bento set was $13.95 and came with fairly good sashimi, good roll pieces, decent tempura, and three mediocre nigiri. Well, for $13.95 we’re not expecting miracles.

Also note Blu Sushi in Fort Myers was reviewed two years ago. They still offer an all you can eat lunch for a great price for a selection of menu items that’s pretty fair.

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