Economics of Lionfish Sushi

Lionfish, an invasive species

Lionfish - invasive but will people find them delicious?

Let’s talk dollars and common sense. If a sushi restaurant or two will start selling lionfish, and customers order it, all bets are off. Any steady demand that can be created will tempt local fishing operators to tap into this small but growing niche market. They’re abundant, and there’s little in the way of competition for now.

Local sushi bars take note! A small band of loyal enthusiasts will frequent your place if you offer lionfish sushi. I recommend offering nigiri, sashimi and rolls, for those who want to work their way up to the real thing. Of course, sushi veterans know this simple truth, that no fish may be judged without tasting a fresh sample at least once.

Back to the point, sushi restaurant operators, consider it carefully. If you decide to offer lionfish sushi, drop us a comment, and we’ll gladly publicize it for you, including a future blog post. In fact, we’ll commit right now to tweeting about your lionfish sushi often enough to lose 5-10% of our followers! It’s worth it to help out those willing to gamble on lionfish. Besides followers who get annoyed by hearing about lionfish serving sushi bars aren’t really valuable followers anyway.

And you’ll have the knowledge that you’re supporting some fisheries that are out there eliminating lionfish, our destructive pest invader. Fishermen need to make a living, and they’ll only spend their days catching those fish that they can sell. Help the cause and you’ll find people rallying behind you as well.

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