Deconstructing Sushi Pizza

Sushi Pizza

Sushi Pizza

Why does nobody do this well? Someone correct me is I’m wrong, but I’ve not only never encountered a great sushi pizza, but never heard of anyone else discovering one either. Is the idea inherently flawed?

I say no. We live in an age of cooking with nitrogen, pre-fab custom food printing and faux-nagi. Why not sushi pizza? Lets consider it further. But first a word about our objectives. We’re not going to delve into abstract sushi pizza expression – somehow representing the essential pizza in a sushi medium without bothering to recreate the actual form in which we find pizza in the real world.

And make no mistake, our goal is not a marketing makeover of okonomiyaki to proclaim it as sushi pizza. Similarly we don’t feel that Korean seafood pancakes (haemul pajeon) are really what we’re after. Certainly Phat Ho’s “Deep Swish Pizzas” are innovative and entertaining, featuring squid, shrimp etc. and sporting one of the all-time great restaurant names, they really are pizzas in name only. None of these really hits the mark replicating any of the basic pizza constructs – crust, sauce and cheese, although all seem to be capable of toppings.

So welcome to my new mini-series, a five part look at how to do sushi pizza right! Or at least a heavy dose of sushi pizza theory. If that’s not too fishy for you then hang around, we will take a thorough, detailed look at what it takes, current techniques and future directions for sushi pizza enthusiasts.

Sushi Pizza Theory: The Crust >>

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