Genki Sushi caught selling Manatee Sushi!

manatee - good for sushi?

Manatee (photo by AHodges7)

First there were the scandals when Los Angeles sushi bars were caught selling whale meat. Whale meat is a standard in Japanese sushi, but international trade in whale meat is prohibited. That was last year – now a Miami sushi bar is bringing shame upon themselves.

Genki Sushi, on Alton Road in Miami Beach was caught selling manatee sushi.

“They’ve fraudulently sold this meat to unsuspecting customers!”, according to Channel 6 reporter David Green. “We documented the sushi chef offering this illegal meat under the guise of calling it fatty blue tuna and dolphin.” You’ll see the outrageous video on the six o’clock news tonight.

What Green was referring to was film footage his crew shot of a sushi chef, Mata Yumoto, actively trying to convince customers to try his so-called fatty blue tuna. “very rare, taste so good” said Yumoto as he pushed his illicit meat on his victims.

In fact, according to Green, “These guys are linked to an illegal manatee harvesting racket. We have reason to believe they have curated the collection of manatee cookbooks and t-shirts at the website.” He went on to name several other suspicious organizations they may be involved in.

Shockingly, when Yumoto was asked whether or not he felt shame at contributing to the demise of this endagered species. “Hell no”, said Yumoto, I want to sell Panda sashimi. “Those big stupid animals should be left behind by Darwin”, he rants, “but we interfere with the nature! It’s not right.”

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