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Modern Sushi Pizza – the Cheese

Obviously only a lunatic or genius would put cheese on here. Great cheese on pizzas is soft and gooey in texture and lends a saltiness to the taste. Let me caution those of you spicy tuna roll fans not to take the gambit and try this with spicy mayo! Gooey is not the same as […]

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Sushi Pizza Coup de Grâce – Toppings

While I can’t pretend this kind of dish could withstand adding sausage, it is worth considering for a moment. I somehow think the popular pizza topping basil works better with sushi than a stronger fennel flavor. To parallel a common pizza topping, namely onion, we suggest scallions. This may suit your tastes prefectly. But our […]

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Sushi Roll Rant Redux

OK following up on our recent Sushi Roll Rant, we decided to carry on bravely in spite of the outrage from tens of kitchen sink sushi roll enthusiasts. Time to repeat the mantra – if you can’t tell what kind of seafood is in your roll, or if there even is any seafood in there, […]

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