Bluefin Parkland

Chef Yozo Natsui at workRating: ★★★★½
Bluefin Sushi Parkland
6694 Parkside Drive
Parkland, FL 33067

We’ve recently been trying the sushi in a neighborhood sushibar called Bluefin Sushi, in Parkland Florida. Is it worth a drive to try?

The seafood is going to be fresh here when you visit. Chef Yozo is very careful about the seafood they purchase, mindful of the impact that seafood freshness has upon the resulting sushi.

He periodically changes vendors when he finds a better source, but has a tendency to source most seafood from the American Northeast and Northwest.

Uni with quail egg served over shiso leafThis is a great place to order uni. They don’t just order it once a week like most places. Bluefin Parkland is fortunate enough to have a steady contingent of uni lovers coming to their restaurant, and is able to turn over multiple orders of uni each week.

They feature the good Southern California uni too, which we consider to be the best in the world. Check out this uni eye candy! Also ask about their uni shooter with uni, tobikko, shoyu, and wasabi – it’s a real crowd pleaser.

They do a nice Boca Roll here too, featuring mango and papaya highlights to a shrimp and crab filling. They probably have your favorite too because their menu has all the usual rolls.

As far as rolls go, there are a lot of the standards on the menu. That’s because Chef Yozo helped create and popularize many of them over the years!

Yet as our regular readers know, we tend to like the simpler rolls. Yes those staid classics that lack cream cheese, or thick masking sauces ladled on top. Their humble tanzana roll was our favorite.

Japanese Oyster GunkanYou won’t find the results of a full Japanese kitchen here, complete with ramens and soups, but their sushi offerings are strong. Unfortunately for the Japanese menu, this requires a kitchen geared to making their Thai fare, and necessitates making hard choices about what hot Japanese foods to carry.

Whatever you do be sure to ask for recommendations. We found the Japanese Oyster treasure shown above on one visit. Never would have known about it if we ordered our usual favorites from the menu without asking.

But the hot food that does come from the kitchen is nice. We recommend the tempura dinner. Big portion of veggies and shrimp that’s been lightly breaded with fine rice flour batter and perfectly cooked.

Tempura Anago (sea eel)Check out that eye candy to the left – tempura anago that Chef Yozo had in house on one particular visit. Anago is sea eel, the misunderstood cousin of the freshwater eel (unagi) so popular in the sushi world.

If you’re a sushi lover, take a moment to taste their sushi rice. It’s seasoned with a konbu-infused vinegar and tastes great. Subtle enough for the neta or roll filling to be the star of the show, but adding a bit of depth that’s nice, especially for nigiri.

The restaurant is clean and friendly. The management is hospitable and attentive. And the service is solid. What’s not to like? That’s why we recommend Bluefin Parkland for a good sushi meal.

Rating: ★★★★½

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