Akashi – South Miami, FL

Ama Ebi and Uni SushiRating: ★★★½☆
Akashi Sushi
5830 S. Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL  33143

This is a great place to eat nigirizushi. Nigiri here are fresh without exception and sure to please. They are smallish, but priced very reasonably. The most expensive one on the menu is $3.75 for uni, which strangely comes literally as nigiri-zushi, instead of the usual gunkan-zushi that every other sushi restaurant on the planet serves.

Assorted Nigirizushi at Akashi

Assorted Nigirizushi at Akashi

Seriously the nigiri feature nice sized rice that tastes better than average. Ama Ebi comes with the fried head, as it should, but the body is served whole, not in the traditional butterfly cut. And they don’t apply wasabi to the underside of the fish for any nigirizushi, which is a serious infraction around here!

The surf clam nigiri had scored ends which is great, as it can be a bit tough if thick. The tako had no such issues, being cut suspiciously thin. Some would wrongly consider it a slight, but it is our belief that the delicious flavor of octopus, like roast beef, can only be appreciated if sliced thin.

Veggie Roll at Akashi

The Veggie Roll at Akashi Sushi

Now the rolls were almost without exception totally uninspired. They serve a lot of dragon rolls, their namesake roll, and generally a lot with tempura shrimp, cream cheese and avocado. They seem to slice every inside out style roll into twelve pieces, regardless of size.

They do serve this cute little traditional style maki that looks like a underweight futomaki. Actually we like to call every roll with kampyo a futomaki, but in this case it was their veggie roll.

Sushi restaurants commonly serve futomaki with one seafood ingredient in the middle, like unagi, although it’s not a requirement. In this case the photo hardly does this roll justice!

Chirashi-zushi at Akashi

Chirashi-zushi at Akashi

Chirashi-zushi. Their chirashi is a disappointment, plain and simple. Nothing wrong with laying the ingredients out over a bed of rice in this style mind you; the meaning of chirashizushi is actually “scattered sushi” after all, and presentation like this is a perfectly reasonable interpretation if it’s thoughtfully executed. But it’s not.

In fact it’s admirable that they strive to break away from the almost universal habit of serving in a bowl. But the key to a great chirashi is variety and this dish does not have it.

Dragon Roll at Akashi

The Dragon Roll at Akashi

An enjoyable chirashizushi has a broad sampling of sushi ingredients including non-seafood items. Theirs is simply a sashimi dinner served on a bed of rice. Fresh and tasty fish, but that’s little consolation.

All in all this is a good place for sushi though. Every piece of seafood is absolutely fresh. Service can be a little less than excellent, but generally nothing to complain about. Prices are very reasonable, the place is clean and the menu is good. These guys crank out sushi pretty fast, so the wait times seem to be slight too. Bottom line – Akashi Sushi in Coral gables is Sushi Pro recommended!

Rating: ★★★½☆

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